"Lakota Perspectives on the Environment from Mother Earth to the Heavens: What is in the Heavens is on Mother Earth, and What's on Mother Earth is in the Heavens"

Saturday, May 5, 2001
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
Rooms 201/202

Instructor: Leonard Little Finger

Mankind has undergone tremendous technological advances in the past 250 years. Social, economic, and political changes have impacted all cultures of the world. Despite all these changes, the Teton-Lakota of "The People of the Seven Council Fires" continue to maintain a holistic and spiritual base within their definition of the "Environment" based upon their philosophical and theological beliefs in existence since ancient times.

This presentation will focus upon the definition of the "Environment" by the Teton-Lakota by exploring their belief system based upon Lakota Star Knowledge, and of its daily impact to a personal understanding and self-identity in a one-on-one relationship to the Creator and All Created. We will explore the Teton-Lakota traditional value system as it compares to today's non-traditional values.

In today's life experiences, the Teton-Lakota as well as all mankind face greater issues and challenges in our role(s) and self-identity. This presentation will offer methodology to use in the classroom and home as a foundation to meet the future way-of-life from the Teton-Lakota perspective.

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Note: This workshop will also include a presentation on Lakota constellations in the StarLab Planetarium.
(Limit: 30 participants)

To register for this free workshop, send your name, address, phone number and school affiliation to Tom Durkin, SD Space Grant Consortium (605-394-1975).

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