October 2, 2000

Dr. E. Julius Dasch
NASA EPSCoR Program Manager
Education Division, Code FE
NASA Headquarters
Washington, DC 20546-0001

Dear Julius:

On behalf of the three institutional members of the South Dakota NASA EPSCoR Preparation Grant Program (SD School of Mines & Technology, SD State University, and Augustana College), I am pleased to submit the attached Letter of Intent to submit proposals for the NASA EPSCoR 2000 program. This letter is in follow-up to Dave Atkinson's e-mail today stating that just one number from the research compendium must be listed for each of the three research areas. Please replace my letter of September 29th with this one. The tentative titles of our three research projects proposed under the compendium guidelines are:

1) Improved Precipitation Estimation and Severe Storm Identification in the Northern High Plains by Remote Sensing Approaches. Compendium: MSFC2.1 - Remote Sensing of Clouds, Precipitation, and Temperature

2) Investigation of Water and Nutrient Budgets in South Dakota’s Upper Missouri River Watershed Using Remote Sensing, Numeric Models, and Field Measurements. Compendium: ESE21 (Resource Management).

3) Improving Sub-pixel Cover Estimates Using Multispectral, Multitemporal, and GIS Data: Applications for Surface-Atmosphere Exchanges over Forests and Wetlands. Compendium: ESE12 (Terrestrial Ecology).

For your information and that of the upcoming review team, please note that a significant amount of information regarding our efforts to reach this point in our planning is found at our NASA EPSCoR Preparation Grant website <http://sdspacegrant.sdsmt.edu/nasaepscor.htm>.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or if I can provide any further information, please contact me. Thank you.


Sherry O. Farwell, Ph.D.
Director, South Dakota NASA EPSCoR Program


cc:    Kevin Dalsted, SDSU                 Dan Swets, Augustana College
        David Benfield, SDSU                Susan Maxwell, EROS Data Center


Letter of Intent

1. Program Title: NASA EPSCoR 2000: Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research

2. Submitting (Lead) Institution: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

3. State NASA EPSCoR Director: Dr. Sherry O. Farwell

4. Mailing address, telephone/fax number, and e-mail address of Director:

    Sherry O. Farwell, Ph.D.
    Dean, Graduate Education & Sponsored Programs and
    Director, South Dakota Space Grant Consortium
    SD School of Mines & Technology                                   Phone: (605) 394-2493
    501 E. Saint Joseph Street                                                 Fax: (605) 394-5360
    Rapid City, SD 57701                                                         E-mail: Sherry.Farwell@sdsmt.edu

The contact information for the State EPSCoR Chair in South Dakota is:

Dr. David A. Benfield, Ph.D.
Project Director, SD EPSCoR
Office of the Project Director
Box 2175                                                                                 Phone: (605) 688-4317
South Dakota State University                                              Fax: (605) 688-6003
Brookings, SD 57007-1396                                                    E-mail: David_Benfield@sdstate.edu

5. Research Area(s) to be proposed:


Research Area 1

Research Area 2

Research Area 3

Number from the Research Compendium
  • MSFC2.1
  • ESE21
  • ESE12
Title of Research from the Compendium
  • Remote Sensing of Clouds, Precipitation, and Temperature
  • Resource Management
  • Terrestrial Ecology

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