South Dakota EPSCoR REACH Committee
(Replaces previous
“Technical Advisory Committee” - TAC)
(Last updated on February 25, 2008)

For several years, the SDSGC has utilized the SD NASA EPSCoR Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) as an advisory board.  There was a great deal of redundancy, however, between the advisory role and the membership of the TAC and that of the state's REACH Committee (“Research Excellence a Critical Hallmark”).  The REACH Committee oversees all federal EPSCoR programs in the state (NSF, NIH, NASA, DOE, DoD, EPA) and is charged with developing the state’s Science and Technology Strategic Plan.  Effective December 10, 2007, the SDSGC Director replaced the 17-member TAC with the 29-member REACH Committee as the advisory board for SDSGC and NASA EPSCoR.  The SDSGC Director was appointed to the REACH Committee as a non-voting member and reports on NASA activities at meetings held three times each year.  The REACH Committee includes the presidents and research vice presidents of all the state’s public universities, the executive director of the South Dakota EPSCoR Office, representatives of tribal universities and EROS Data Center, state legislators, the executive director and other members of the state Board of Regents, the secretary of education, directors of the state Office of commercialization, state director for SBIR, the director of the SD Science and Technology Authority, and several leaders of state industry and commerce.

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