NASA EPSCoR Proposal Planning Meeting
August 4, 2000
Cedar Shore Hotel and Conference Center

Chamberlain, SD

People Present:

SDSM&T: Sherry Farwell, Bill Capehart, Tom Durkin, Jeanette Nilson, Maribeth Price, Lee Vierling, and Pat Zimmerman
SDSU: Suzette Burckhard, Kevin Dalsted, Dennis Helder, and David Hilderbrand
Augustana: Dan Swets

Sherry Farwell opened the meeting with announcements and went over the agenda, goals, guidelines, and deadlines. It was noted that Johnson Space Center will host "Inspection 2000" on November 1-3, 2000 <>. This includes their first annual NASA-University Engineering Research Summit on Nov. 1-2.

In a recent discussion with Sherry Farwell, NASA's Dave Atkinson stressed the need for "linkages" per the compendium.

The Proposal will have 2 parts: 1) the "Program Plan" (a 20-page overview document, infrastructure, program managers, TAC, etc.), and 2) "research proposals" – up to three, 15-page research proposals are acceptable. The maximum funding request is $700K/yr for 3 years (perhaps up to 5 years). $125K is dedicated to the Program Management Plan. $575K remains for research proposals. Money must be matched 1:1 (in-kind or hard dollars). Up to $2.1M over 3 years of match would be needed for full funding scenario.

Budget restrictions: No NASA $$ for purchase of desktop PCs. No foreign travel. No NASA $$ for civil servant (NASA personnel) travel.

Proposed research must be identified by names & numbers from compendium (plus lead NASA Center and/or enterprise).

Each state program plan must propose metrics for yearly performance evaluation of its NASA-EPSCoR program.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) must have 8 non-NASA members consisting of a Program Director (Sherry Farwell), a member of state EPSCoR Committee, a representative from state industry, a representative from state government, 3 members from SD Space Grant Consortium, and 1 "at-large" member. The TAC must meet at least once per year. It should advise on state research/economic priorities, review program progress, and assist PD with policy and outreach issues. It was decided to add Charlie Trautwein of EROS Data Center to the TAC, and Dennis Helder volunteered from SDSU.

Two proposal plans were discussed. It was agreed that instead of submitting one proposal, three separate proposals would be developed. The themes were discussed and named as follows. The campus "tail twisters" and writers are listed below the proposal titles. Below each proposal title/theme, currently existing projects and proposals are listed that could be referenced, linked, or expanded as part of the NASA-EPSCoR proposal.  Timeline.

1)    Quantification of Evapotranspiration and Ground Water Recharge and its relationship to Regional Hydrology and Climate in          Representative Areas of the UMRB.

SDSM&T "Tail Twister" – Pat Zimmerman
SDSU "Tail Twister" – Suzette Burckhard
Augustana "Tail Twister" – Dan Swets
Outline Preparation – Pat Zimmerman to Suzette Burckhard

Currently existing projects/proposals related to this topic:

Lead People:

Modeling - Bill Capehart, Suzette Burckhard
Remote Sensing - Bill Capehart, Suzette Burckhard, EROS
Observation - SDSM&T's IAS, Vern Schaefer
Seasonality - Dan Swets (Jim Tucker)???

2)    Investigation of Water and Nutrient Budgets for NGP Agroecosystems Using Field Measurements, Remote Sensing, and            Numerical Models.

SDSM&T "Tail Twister" - Pat Zimmerman
SDSU "Tail Twister" - Kevin Dalsted
Augustana "Tail Twister" - Dan Swets
Outline Preparation - Dave Clay to Pat Zimmerman, et al.

Currently existing projects/proposals related to this topic:

 3)    Representation of Land Surface Heterogeneity by an Integrative Remote Sensing and Modeling Approach

SDSM&T "Tail Twister" - Maribeth Price
SDSU "Tail Twister" - Kevin Dalsted
Augustana - none
Outline Preparation - Maribeth Price, Bill Capehart, and Lee Vierling to Kevin Dalsted, Suzette Burckhard, and Dave Hilderbrand to Dan Swets

Currently existing projects/proposals related to this topic:


August 18    Outlines for Research Proposals due to Sherry Farwell from Tail Twisters. Tom Durkin will distribute to entire NASA-EPSCoR                       team members,
August 25    Identify science program element numbers from compendium (e.g., ESE 21),
                    List of NASA contacts,
September    NASA visits,
Sept. 1         Identify compendium links and plan travel for September,
October       Write proposal – do interstate collaborative visits,
Oct. 2          Letter of Intent due at NASA headquarters,
Oct. 31        3 draft proposals due with budgets for years 1, 2, and 3,
Oct. (end)    Planning meeting (fifth),
Nov.            Writing,
Dec. 8          Proposal due at NASA headquarters
March          Award announcements


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