February 29, 2000 RDTN Teleconference
South Dakota Space Grant Consortium Members


Recent past events
SDSM&T KC-135A reduced gravity flight project at JSC (March)
2000 SD Airport Conference in Mitchell (March 22-23)
SD NASA EPSCoR Planning Grant Meeting in Rapid City (March 24)
KC-135A and SDSGC days at Children's Science Center in Rapid City (April 14-15)
Space Day 2000 at Augie (April 28)
Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) Symposium in Rapid City (May 11-13)
Other events/trips

                    Identify who is doing what sections of the report
                    Coordinate submission of materials to Carol Hirsch

                    Set format for quarterly member meetings

                    Assessment of current status (successes and areas for improvement)

Potential for expanding affiliates (state government, industry, USD, Children's Science Center, Black Hills Astronomical Society, etc.)

                    Evaluation process
                    Future direction
                    Also discuss Si Tanka's recent $300,000 NASA grant in relation to SDSGC PIGS

                    Summer faculty research positions at EROS and associated collaboration
                    NASA EPSCoR Planning Grant
                                        - Trips to NASA events and collaboration with NASA personnel
                                        - Year 2 preparation grant proposal (due March 13)
                                        - NASA EPSCoR Expo at JSC (May 8-9???)

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