Imaged by Richard Walker
(Dakota Starry Nights / YouTube), member of Black Hills Astronomical Society.
Total lunar eclipse from Canyon Junction at Zion National Park, Sept. 27, 2015.

Image Technical Details:

Camera: Canon 6D, Lens: Canon "L" 70x200 set at 75mm f/4.0, ISO:2500, Exp: 30s

This is a HDR image, high dynamic range.  One shot was done @ 3.2 seconds, ISO 1250 for the moon.  And the other, as stated above, for the foreground.  The image was then combined, in camera on site, and further processing, sharpening, lens correction, color balance, etc., was done in Photoshop.  The moon is typically too bright and will "blow out" if done at ISO 2500 with a 30s exposure.  A HDR capture will combine two or more images for a full dynamic range capture allowing the moon and foreground to be properly exposed.

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