South Dakota NASA EPSCoR Travel Opportunity
Application Guidelines

The NASA EPSCoR Office at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology announces the following opportunity for travel funds to visit NASA Headquarters or Centers or to participate in NASA-related conferences.  Highest priority will be for travel to discuss potential research for a new NASA EPSCoR Program Initiation Grant and to identify one or more NASA scientists who would then serve as collaborators in the proposed research (see accompanying announcement).  The proposal deadline for such Program Initiation Grants is Jan. 15, 2005; therefore, NASA planning visits should be made before that date.  Travel to NASA Headquarters or a NASA Center to discuss other types of research (e.g., for proposals submitted directly to NASA) or requests to attend NASA-related conferences will also be considered, but with lower priority.

Eligible institutions and personnel.  Faculty members, postdoctoral associates, and administrators at institutions of higher education that are members or affiliates of the South Dakota Space Grant Consortium (SDSM&T, SDSU, USD, BHSU, DSU, NSU, Augustana College, Oglala Lakota College, Sinte Gleska University, Si Tanka-Huron University, Lower Brule Community College, Sisseton Wahpeton Community College, Sitting Bull College).  

Funding level.  Requests of up to $2,000 per person will be considered.

Eligible research areas.  Although the emphasis of current NASA EPSCoR research in South Dakota is on the use of remote sensing for monitoring, prediction, and management of hydrologic, agricultural, and ecological processes in the Northern Great Plains, travel funds to develop research related to any of NASA’s directorates will be considered.

Timetable.  The proposal deadline for Program Initiation Grants is Jan. 15, 2005; therefore, travel to develop a proposal should be made before that date.  Requests will be considered by the SD NASA EPSCoR Director’s office starting immediately and compelling requests will be awarded until funds are expended. 

Trip report.  If funds are awarded, a brief (1-2 page) report will be required at the conclusion of the travel that summarizes the linkages to NASA personnel and/or projects as a direct consequence of the trip.  The report should indicate whether a proposal for a Program Initiation Grant will be submitted as a result of the trip or provide justification if no such proposal is forthcoming.  Remember to give the SD NASA-EPSCoR program credit for sponsoring the travel in any documentation or related publications/posters/articles.

In order to be considered for funding, requests must include the following:

1.      Name, address, telephone number, and email of person(s) traveling.

2.      Dates when the travel will take place.

3.      Destination, e.g., name of NASA Center or NASA Headquarters.

4.      Short explanation (maximum of one page) regarding objective of trip, including

a.       Names and positions of NASA personnel to be visited.

b.      General nature of research collaboration that will be discussed (refer to NASA Research Compendium:

c.       Brief description of Program Initiation Grant proposal that will be prepared as a result of trip.  

5.      Letter/email from the NASA contact/host or a copy of the conference notice.

6.      Cost estimate for transportation, lodging, per diem, etc., not to exceed $2000.

7.      Identification of amounts from other sources that would be available to co-fund the requested travel, if any.  Documentation of cost-sharing from non-federal sources (if any) will be requested following the trip.

Procedure for submitting request:Send request by email to the SD NASA EPSCoR Secretary, Brenda Brown at:

Requests will be considered starting immediately and compelling requests will be awarded until funds are expended.  Please call the SD NASA-EPSCoR Office at (605) 394-5381 with any questions about this funding opportunity.

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