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(Updated as of May 18, 2010)

Reminder To SD NASA/EPSCoR Researchers making trips funded through NASA/EPSCoR: Please help keep this matrix sheet updated by informing SDSM&T's Tom Durkin <Thomas.Durkin@sdsmt.edu> (605-394-1975) of any trips and collaborations related to the SD NASA/EPSCoR Planning Grant project.  Please check this matrix sheet often to coordinate travel with others and to see what others have done.  Thank you.

DATE of Travel

Name(s) of SD Personnel

NASA Center, Activity, and/or NASA Contact


April 29, 2010

Dr. Steve Smith, Associate Professor, Nano Science and Engineering Program, SDSM&T

NASA Glenn Research Center, Photovoltaics Branch: Dr. Sheila Bailey, NASA Technical Monitor for SDSM&T's $750,000 NASA EPSCoR 2009 Major Research Grant titled "Development of an Advanced Photovoltaic Materials Research Cluster in South Dakota"

Dr. Bailey presented "The Synergy of Photovoltaics: From Space to Terrestrial Applications" to SDSM&T students and visited with them about their research and career opportunities at NASA.  Visit summary.

August 6-8, 2009 Dr. Chaoyang Jiang, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of South Dakota NASA Ames Research Center, Dr. Bin Chen, Lead Scientist, Advanced Studies Laboratories Trip report by Dr. Jiang.
March 8-11, 2009
Dr. Nian Zhang, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, SDSM&T
Goddard Space Flight Center, Dr. Feng Hsu, Integrated Risk Assessment and Management SD NASA EPSCoR 200809 research planning visits to NASA Centers.  Trip summary.
March 2009 Dr. Steve Smith and Dr. Phil Arhenkiel, Nano Science and Engineering Program, SDSM&T Glenn Research Center, Dr. Sheila Bailey and Dr. Eric Clark, Photovoltaics Branch SD NASA EPSCoR 200809 research planning visits to NASA Centers
November 29-30, 2007 Dr. Amit Deokar, Dr. Omar El-Gayar, and Dr. Surendra Sarnikar, SDSU NASA Jet Propulsion Lab: Jeanne Holm, Rob Raskin, Keri Murphy Trip Report by DSU Team
August 2-3, 2007 Dr. Shanzhong (Shawn) Duan, SDSU NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
Dr. Abhinandan Jain, Principal Research Scientist

The purpose of the trip was to visit NASA JPL and meet NASA research scientists for collaborative research and funding opportunity.

June 19, 2007 Pravara Thanapura, SDSU NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Dr. Edwin T. Engman, Physical Scientist, GSFC Trip Report by Pravara Thanapura
March 18-20, 2007 Dr. Haiping Hong, SDSM&T NASA Ames Researh Center
Dr. Jing Li, Senior Scientist, Nanotechnology Branch
The purpose of the trip was to visit NASA Ames to discuss research and collaboration.
October 2005 Dr. Alfred Andrawis, SDSU Kennedy Space Center Dr. Andrawis will meet with five colleagues from the Shuttle Support, Chemistry, and the Fiber Optic Groups at KSC. The meeting is in reference to his research  with KSC on fiber optic sensors.
March 3, 2005 Dr. Li Chen, SDSM&T Goddard Space Flight Center
Robert L. Kasa
Head, Microelectronics and Signal Processing Branch
The trip will entail discussion on possible collaboration on the future development of a radiation-hard circuit library, as well as investigation into special geometry layouts that resist total dose effects, for use in radiation-hard VLSI design.  Dr. Chen will also present at a workshop.
December 15-24, 2004 Dr. Mikhail Foygel, SDSM&T NASA Ames Research Center
Dr. Deepak Srivastava
Dr. Robin D. Morris
The trip will entail discussion and a presentation on potential research for a NASA-EPSCoR Program Initiation Grant in the area of theoretical and computational studies of transport properties of carbon nanotube composites.
December 13-20, 2004 Dr. Steve Anderson and James Hansen (undergraduate research assistant), Black Hills State University NASA Jet Propoulsion Lab
Dr. Suzanne Smrekar

Nature of the Research Collaboration: The Influence of Planetary Lava Flow Interiors on Surface Morphology

August 1-6, 2004 Dr. P. V. Sundareshwar, SDSM&T Annual International Meeting of the Ecological Society of America Dr. Sundareshwar was principal organizer of a Biogeoscience symposium at the ESA meeting.  The symposium was titled "In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark: Rediscovering Earth from land to sea - a Biogeoscience perspective".  He spoke at an Ecosystem restoration session at the conference and was then interviewed by Environmental Science and Technology Journal.  Dr. Sundareshwar also planned to hold a Collaboration and Grantsmanship event that would engage the symposium participants to 1) establish stronger ties with our institution, 2) showcase students and provide them with opportunities to further their careers at these leading institutions, and 3) Explore collaborative research opportunities.
May19-21, 2004 Kevin Dalsted, David Clay, Sharon Clay, and Gregg Carlson, SDSU  NASA Stennis Space Center, (Rodney McKellip, Project Manager, Applications Research Division, Earth Science Applications Directorate). Opportunity for SDSU researchers to interact directly with personnel from the NASA Earth Science Applications program, learn about current and anticipated program opportunities in Earth Science Applications, and share the results of SDSU's recent earth science, agriculture, and remote sensing research projects with Stennis staff.  Specifically, this trip will accomplish the following tasks: 1) Expand existing contacts at Stennis, 2) Review progress to-date on the NASA EPSCoR project at SDSU with interested Stennis staff, 3) Discuss possible follow-ons to the existing EPSCoR project, 4) Explore new and innovative opportunities for professional collaboration and equipment/facilities sharing, and 5) Learn about the upcoming NASA/other proposal opportunities and activities that are related to the NASA Strategic Initiatives.

Trip report by Kevin Dalsted

Feb. 12-16, 2004 Dr. Sung Shin, SDSU Southern Polytechnic State University in Atlanta and the Centers for Disease Control. Purpose of trip - To discuss image database development and associate infrastructure (research related to NASA EPSCoR). Also plan to visit Southern Polytechnic State University in Atlanta and the Centers for Disease Control.  This is outgrowth of Dr. Shin's work at NASA JSC.
Nov. 1-8, 2003 Patrick Kozak, SDSM&T 2003 GSA Annual Meeting - Seattle, WA Pat Kozak will present work at the GSA meeting funded by a SD Space Grant Summer Graduate Student Fellowship at the USGS EROS Data Center.  His presentation is titled "Distribution of Metamorphic Minerals in Siliceous Dolomites Associated with the Birch Creek Pluton, White Mountains, California; Analysis of AVIRIS Imaging Spectrometer Data".
Fall 2003 Dr. Pat Zimmerman and/or Dr. Karen Updegraff, SDSM&T Consortium for Agricultural Soils Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases (CASGMS) 2003 Fall Forum: Measuring and Monitoring Carbon.  Manhattan, KS. In addition to providing exposure for the C-Lock package, for which we will present a poster, this forum is an invaluable opportunity to network with other academics and resource professionals involved in terrestrial carbon sequestration studies and projects. The CASGMS consortium is a major national player in the development of carbon sequestration policy.
June 12-14, 2003 Dr. Larry Stetler, SDSM&T Starting Student Space Hardware Programs II: A How To Workshop - Boulder, CO Trip Report by Dr. Larry Stetler
Spring 2003 Rachel Smith and Xuexia Chen, SDSM&T Graduate Students. Goddard Space Flight Center This 3-day trip resulted from an invitation extended by NASA's Dr. Don Deering to build on SDSM&T's joint EPSCoR work by meeting with Dr. Deering and his NASA colleague Alexis Conley.
Jan. 22-24, 2003 Dr. Sherry Farwell, Tom Durkin, and Tom Campbell of SDSM&T and Dr. Dan Durben of BHSU Goddard Space Flight Center Representatives from SDSM&T and Black Hills State Univ. met with Dr. Bob Gabrys, Dick Fahey, Dr. Blanche Meeson, and Dr. Ted Gull of GSFC to discuss collaborative educational and research projects between GSFC, the SD Space Grant Consortium and the SD NASA EPSCoR Program.
Trip Report by Tom Campbell
Dec. 9, 2002 Dr. Lee Vierling and members of SDSM&T IAS Remote Sensing and Ecology Lab USGS EROS Data Center Trip Report by Dr. Lee Vierling
Summer 2002 Dr. Neil Chamberlain, SDSM&T JPL (NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship) Summary Report by Dr. Neil Chamberlain
July 14-17, 2002 D.E. Clay, C.G. Carlson, C. Reese, W.A. Tjentland, J. Kleinjan, and J. Chang, SDSU 6th International Conference of Precision Agriculture, Minneapolis, MN Trip Report by Dr. David Clay
July 1-5, 2002 Dr. Alfred Andrawis, SDSU Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium, Cambridge, Massachusetts Trip Report and Summary of Dr. Andrawis' Presentation
May 15-16, 2002 Dr. Chris Jenkins, SDSM&T JPL Trip Summary (from Feb. 2002 trip, but pertains to May 2002 trip).
May 13-17, 2002 Dr. Bill Capehart, SDM&T 2002 GCIP/GAPP Mississippi River and Hydrology Conference
New Orleans, LA
Trip report by Dr. Bill Capehart
April 30-May1, 2002 Karl Lalonde, SDSM&T ESE Computational Technology
Requirements Workshop
, Washington, D.C.
Karl Lalonde's trip report.
March 23-28, 2002 Dr. Dennis Helder, David Aaron, and James Dewald, SDSU 1) Will attend the High Spatial Resolution Commercial Imagery Workshop, Reston, VA
2) Will meet with GSFC personnel.
The SDSU representatives will meet with the following GSFC personnel from the Landsat Project Science Office and Earth Observer-1 (EO-1) Project: Brian Markham, John Barker, Jim Storrey, Steve Ungar, Lawrence Ong, and Darrel Williams.

Trip Report from Dennis Helder.

Trip Report from James Dewald.

Trip Report from David Aaron.

March 25-27, 2002 Xuexia Chen, SDSM&T grad student High Spatial Resolution Commercial Imagery Workshop, Reston, VA Ms. Chen will give a presentation titled: "Relationships Among IKONOS Imagery, Airborne Scanning LIDAR, and Ground-Based Tree Inventory Data in a Ponderosa Pine Forest: A Multiple Endmember Approach".  The intent of the workshop is to exchange information regarding the characterization and application of space-based high spatial resolution commercial imagery, focusing largely on the IKONOS satellite.

Trip Report and Abstract of Ms. Chen's presentation and paper.

March 12-17, 2002 Dr. Lee Vierling, SDSM&T
Eric Rowell, Horizons, Inc. and SDSM&T grad student
Workshop on 3-D Analysis of Forest Structure and Terrain Using LiDAR Technology, Victoria, BC This conference will be a gathering of many of the world's experts in this relatively new area of forest remote sensing.  Dr. Vierling recently established a strong link with Horizon's Inc. with relation to their LIDAR instrument. Several NASA scientists will attend the meeting.

Dr. Vierling's Trip Report.

March 7-17, 2002 Dr. Mikhail Foygel, SDSM&T Army Research Lab, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD Dr. Foygel was invited to give a talk on his research in the area of nanotechnology.

Trip report.

Feb. 1-10, 2002 Tom Campbell, SDSM&T 1) Attend Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
2) Visit the Vega-Bray Observatory in Benson, AZ
Tom Campbell's trip description.
Feb. 3-5, 2002 Dr. Chris Jenkins, SDSM&T

Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen
Dr. Moktar Salama

Dr. Jenkins currently has a Phase I award from NASA to investigate the possibilities for incorporating active control elements, such as shape memory metals and piezoelectric polymers, into gossamer spacecraft. NASA JPL and U. Montana are co-investigators on this award.  This trip is to visit with the research team and make plans toward submitting a Phase II proposal.  Trip Summary.
early 2002 Drs. Andy Detwiler and Mark Hjelmfelt, SDSM&T   Ken Davidson with the Naval Postgraduate School was invited by Dr. Andy Detwiler and Dr. Mark Hjelmfelt to present a seminar at SDSM&T. This invitation was made to promote potential research collaboration in remote sensing, numerical modelling, and air-sea interaction. NASA EPSCoR funds are being used to help cover travel costs.
Nov. 7, 2001 Numerous faculty, staff, and students from SDSM&T and Augustana. NASA Personnel: Donald W. Deering and Alexis H. Conley

Nastia Kozhoukhovskaya, V.N. Sukachev Forest Institute

Dr. Lee Vierling's Collaboration meeting summary
June 29 - July 3, 2001 Dr. Mark Hjelmfelt, SDSM&T Seventh International Conference on Precipitation - Rockport, ME Dr. Hjelmfelt's Trip Report.
June __, 2001 Drs. Don Lefevre and Mike Batchelder, SDSM&T Project Starshine meeting, Washington, D.C. Meeting related to Project Starshine.
April 15-17, 2001 Dr. Maribeth Price and Jason Tinant, SDSM&T George Wright Society Conference in Denver, CO SDSM&T will present results of a study conducted for Badlands National Park titled "Prediction of thistle infested areas in Badlands National Park using a GIS model".
Click here for one of the maps.
April 3-5, 2001 Dr. Brad Baker, SDSM&T Aura Science Team Meeting in Pasadena, CA The Aura satellite is the third in a series of EOS satellites to be launched by NASA next year to measure certain gases in different layers of the atmosphere.  Dr. Baker is considering writing a proposal to use SDSM&T's Ameriflux tower and balloon system as test points for satellite measurements.
Jan 8-9, 2001 Don Lefevre, SDSM&T Prof. and Cynetics Corp. NASA Starshine 3 Satellite Preliminary Design Review Prof. Lefevre will represent SDSM&T's efforts on "Starshine" <http://www.azinet.com/starshine/> for the Signal Processing/ Data Handling System (Prof. Mike Batchelder), Communications System (Cynetics, Prof. Lefevre, students) and Solar Cell Mounts and Electronics Deck (Prof. Dan Dolan).  Starshine is being done by various organizations on a mostly-volunteer basis, including NASA Glenn, the Pentagon Picosat Program Office, the Naval Research Lab, Southwest Research Institute, and others.
Nov. 20-21, 2000 Vern Schaefer, Dan Humburg, Kevin Dalsted, and Suzette Burckhard, SDSU Remote Sensing/GIS Technology Seminar, Pierre, SD SDSU researchers presented the following talks at the conference: 1) "Remote Sensing, Environmental Engineering, Assessment and Monitoring" by S. Burckhard, 2) "Airborne Laser Swath Mapping and Landslide Risk Assessment" by V. Schaefer, 3) "Precision Farming/Weed Identification with Remote Sensing Data" by K. Dalsted, and 4) "Sugar Beet/Land Management with Remote Sensing Data" by D. Humburg.  About 70 attendees primarily from state government, industry and universities were present.
Nov. 14-19, 2000 Stephen Schiller, SDSU EO-1 Science Validation Team Meeting, Solvang, CA  
Nov. 13-20, 2000 Pat Kozak, SDSM&T Geological Society of America Convention, Reno, NV Attend sessions on Sources, Synthesis, Transformations, and Sinks of Organic Matter, Solute Cycling in Groundwater and Surface Water, and also applications in Remote Sensing and GIS applications.  Educational topics of these sessions include carbon sequestration and wetlands contaminant transport.   Pat Kozak and Ed Duke will present a paper on Delineation of Isograds and Reaction Fronts in Contact-Metamorphosed Siliceous Dolomite Using Remote Sensing and Field Spectroscopy
Nov. 5-9, 2000 Sharon Clay, Dave Clay, and Jiyul Chang, SDSU Agronomy Society of America Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN SDSU researchers met with other scientists conducting similar remote sensing research topics, lissen to talks on remote topics, bounce ideas off remote sensing experts on future research activities, and present research results.  Sharon Clay presented an invited symposium paper on the use of remote sensing data and EM on how to identify weed, pathogen, insect zones for variable management, and included data from the Moody and Brookings fields.   Speakers at the symposium were from resource 21 (D. Major), usda-ars (Susan Moran), Michigan State (J. Richie), NASA, SDSU (C. Gutafson, Dalsted, Clay), Purdue, University of Illinois, University of Missouri, University of Wisconsin, Purdue (C.J. Johansen).
October 16-18, 2000 Alan Bender, SDSU Dr. Stuart Gage, Director of Computational Ecology and Visualization Lab (CEVL) at Michigan State University Report of Visit
October 4, 2000 Drs. Vernon Schaefer, Sung Shin and Suzette Burckhard, and Ms. Mary O'Neill and Mr. Kevin Dalsted, SDSU Jet Propulsion Lab - Drs. Yunjin Kim, Mahta Moghaddam, Paul Siqueira, Paul Rosen, and Jeff Hilland
July 2000 (1st week) Dr. John Helsdon, SDSM&T Dr. Steve Goodman of GHCC at MSFC Dr. John Helsdon met on a couple of occasions with Dr. Goodman (while he was visiting the STEPS field project in Goodland, KS) to discuss issues related to SDSM&T's proposal.   They discussed the Optical Transient Detector and some of the ideas that have been put into SDSM&T's proposal.
June 27-29, 2000

Pat Kozak, SDSM&T

Travel to Niobrara Valley Preserve to work with EROS Data Center and NASA on calibration of Landsat 7 overpasses.

Pat Kozak will work with Dave Meyer and Bruce Wylie of EROS collecting spectra to help calibrate both the Landsat and AVIRIS calibrations and work on an ongoing project to use remote sensing to classify distinct vegetation species sponsored by NASA/DOI.  Mr. Kozak will also work with Bruce Wylie on the possible use of decision trees for classification of imagery.

May 11-13, 2000

Tom Durkin, SDSM&T

Upper Great Plains Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) Symposium

SATS Symposium

May 8-9, 2000

Dr. Dan Swets, Augustana College

EPSCoR Expo at JSC

April 5-9, 2000

Dr. Daniel Swets and and Catherine Van Note, Augustana College

Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) "Posters on the Hill" session and meeting with SD Congressional delegation.

Notes from Dan Swets on Aug & Nov 1999 and Feb & April 2000 trips/collaboration

April 4-7, 2000

Dr. Ed Duke and Pat Kozak, SDSM&T

USGS Spectroscopy Laboratory

Notes from Ed Duke

March 14-15, 2000 (tentative)

SDSU's Kevin Dalsted

SAR Users Working Group (SUWG) Meeting in Washington, D.C. area.

Details on the Meeting

February 23-25, 2000 SDSM&T's Dr. Ed Duke, Pat Kozak, Dr. Maribeth Price and Dr. Lee Vierling

SDSU's Dr. Suzette Burckhard

AVIRIS Earth Science and Applications Workshop at NASA's JPL

1) The following paper was presented and will be published: Duke, E.F., and Kozak, P.K., 2000, Imaging spectrometry and metamorphic processes: Proceedings of the Ninth AVIRIS Earth Science and Applications Workshop, February 23-25, 2000, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA.
    Ed Duke's comments on meeting.
Maribeth Price attending to interact with NASA personnel and other scientists using AVIRIS data for investigating vegetation properties and changes, especially forests and wetlands.
3) Suzette Burckhard will interact with and
establish contacts with researchers using AVIRIS data for swelling clays, contaminated soils, and vegetation discrimination.

February 22, 2000 Mary O'Neill and Michelle Kelly, SDSU Stennis Space Center

Met with Dr. Ramona Travis from the University Affairs office and the following people from contractor InDyne, Inc. (John Wilson, Education Program Coordinator; Sherrill Reynolds, Information Service Coordinator; and Vessie Means, Aerospace Education Specialist).

Notes from Mary O'Neill

February 10, 2000 Dr. Bradley Reed, EROS Data Center Dr. Bradley Reed, EDC visited with Jim Compton Tucker, NASA-Goddard, on behalf of the SD NASA-EPSCoR Consortium.

Notes from Dan Swets on Aug & Nov 1999 and Feb & April 2000 trips/collaboration

Week of January 17, 2000 Dr. Dennis Helder, Dr. Suzette R. Burckhard, Dr. Vernon R. Schaefer, Dr. Dave Clay, Dr. Steve Schiller, Sung Shin, and Michelle Kelly,
Goddard Space Flight Center.

Meeting on Precision Agriculture.  The purpose of the meeting is to establish contact with NASA researchers at Goddard Space Flight Center in the Earth & Space Data Computing Division, Biospheric Sciences Branch, and Hydrological Sciences Branch.

Week of January 17, 2000

Kevin Dalsted, others from SDSU, and perhaps someone from EROS NASA staffers and perhaps JPL scientists LightSAR Meeting on potential uses of SAR in agriculture.

Kevin Dalsted's Notes on Jan. 19-20, 2000 "Workshop on NASA's plan for spaceborne SAR remote sensing", Houston, TX

Dec. 6-10, 1999 Dr. Sharon Clay and Chuck Cole, SDSU

Pecora 14 LandSatellite Information III Demonstrating the Value of Satellite Imagery conference
Denver, CO

Chuck Cole to present a paper titled "Prediction of weed infestation levels through integration of landscape position, weed ecology and remote sensing" by Clay, S, Dalsted, K, Cole, C, et. al.

Nov. 15-17, 1999

SDSU's Kevin Dalsted, Mary O'Neill, and Dr. David Clay

SDSM&T's Dr. Pat Zimmerman and Dr. Lee Vierling

UMAC-PARC Workshop
"Climate Change: Meeting the Challenge/Seizing the Opportunities"
Grand Forks, ND
Nov. 15-19, 1999 Michelle Kelly, NASA EPSCoR grad. student at SDSU

1) Remote Sensing Applications Conference and Workshop
Auburn, Alabama, and
2) meeting/tour at MSFC with Jeff Luvall, Doug Rickman, Dale Quattrochi and Dr. Jim Dowdy (University Relations)

Nov. 2-4, 1999 Dr. Bill Capehart, SDSM&T 1) Land Surface Hydrology Program Investigators Meeting, Columbia, MD
2) Visit to Goddard Space Flight Center

1) 11/4/99 Memo from Bill Capehart on LSHP Investigators Meeting (click here)

2) 11/4/99 Memo from Bill Capehart on Goddard Visit (click here)

Dec. 17-20, 1999 Drs. Andy Detwiler, SDSM&T 1) Visited "Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely-Piloted Vehicle Studies" (CIRPAS) with NASA's Tony Strawa
2) Visited NASA Ames and met with Steve Weggener, Bob Chatfield, and Tony Strawa.  Presented seminar to the airborne science group on the M-meter.
Andy Detwiler's 12/28/99 Report on 12/17-20/99 Visits (click here)
Nov. 15-18, 1999

Dr. Bradley Reed, EROS Data Center

Dr. Bradley Reed from EDC made a presentation to Dr. Compton "Jim" Tucker from Goddard regarding collaborative research work being done with Dr. Bradley Reed, EDC, James Rowland, EDC, Dr. Larry Tieszen, EDC, and Dr. Daniel Swets, Augustana College on the Seasonality project, involving NDVI smoothing techniques and seasonality metrics derived from the NDVI data (e.g., start-of-season, season length, rate of greenup, etc.).

Notes from Dan Swets on Aug & Nov 1999 and Feb & April 2000 trips/collaboration

Sept 29-30, 1999

Dr. Maribeth Price and Dr. Lee Vierling, SDSM&T

Goddard Space Flight Center Space Day

Notes from Maribeth Price on 9/29-30/99 Trip to Goddard (click here)

August 10, 1999

Dr. Dan Swets, Augustana College along with Dr. Bradley Reed and Jim Rowland from EROS Data Center

Established a working relationship with Dr. Compton "Jim" Tucker at Goddard Space Flight Center regarding the possibility of teaming Tucker's Seasonality research projects with the South Dakota NASA EPSCoR effort.

Notes from Dan Swets on Aug & Nov 1999 and Feb & April 2000 trips/collaboration

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