The South Dakota Space Grant Consortium (SDSGC) conducts programs in six main areas. The Consortium’s activities in these areas during the past year are summarized below.

1. Research Infrastructure

As a "capability enhancement" state in NASA’s Space Grant Program, development of research infrastructure within South Dakota continues to be a primary focus of SDSGC activities. Highlights in research areas over the past year include:

Collaboration with relevant NASA scientists has occurred and will continue. Administrative support for several of the Theme Team members to travel to NASA Centers and NASA-related conferences and workshops has been provided through the SD Space Grant <nasaepscor/trips.htm>.


2. Higher Education



        SDSU Faculty Educational and Travel Enhancements

Augustana College


3. K-12 Outreach

The Consortium's full-time Deputy Director/Outreach Coordinator at our lead institution (SDSM&T) and part time Outreach Coordinators at SDSU, Augustana, and EROS Data Center develop and coordinate the Consortium's K-12 programs. Highlights from the past year include:


4. Other Public Service


5. Fellowships and Scholarships

SDSGC supported a number of graduate and undergraduate students through fellowships, scholarships, and assistantships. We have established a Diversity Enhancement Fellowship program to provide research and educational opportunities for faculty and students at Tribal Colleges and other Native American institutions in South Dakota. The total amount of Consortium support for faculty and students through these avenues exceeded $50,000 over the project year.

SDSM&T Graduate and Undergraduate Student Fellowships:

SDSM&T Faculty Fellowships at EROS Data Center (Summer 2000):

Over the past few months, the South Dakota Space Grant Consortium at South Dakota State University (SDSU) has been active in several different areas of funding and educational outreach initiatives. These areas include the endowment of several undergraduate and graduate research awards and assistantships, faculty educational enhancements and Aerospace Career and Education (ACE) Camp 2000. The details of these awards are listed below.

         SDSU Undergraduate and Graduate Research Awards and Assistantship Recipients

SDSU Faculty Educational and Travel Enhancements

SDSGC awarded a full-tuition scholarship for Tanna Maupin (a Native American student from Eagle Butte, SD in 11th grade at Tiospaye Topa School) to attend Aerospace Career and Education (ACE) Camp 2000.

Augustana College Student Fellowships

Augustana College Faculty Development


6. Administration

SDSGC held quarterly meetings of institutional members, often attended by several affiliate members. To facilitate participation, three of those meeting were held over South Dakota's Rural Development and Telecommunications Network System (i.e., interactive TV) with nodes located throughout much of the state. We continued to focus on competitive allotment of SDSGC funds and the goal of nurturing projects that can attract external support.

At the request of NASA's Julius Dasch, SDSGC took the lead on the development of the National Council of Space Grant Directors "State Involvement Committee" (SIC) draft white paper <SGCStateInvolveComm.htm> and associated canvassing of all 52 Space Grant Consortia. SIC efforts focus on ways to involve more state government in Space Grant Consortia activities and to improve the effectiveness of such partnerships. SDSGC Deputy Director Tom Durkin presented the draft white paper at the October 15-17, 2000 Space Grant Council meeting in Salt Lake City. Mr. Durkin also presented the SIC efforts at the June 27-28, 2000 Aerospace States Association (ASA) meeting in Washington, D.C., also attended by SDSGC's Associate Director Kevin Dalsted of SDSU.

The Consortium collaborated with the SD Department of Transportation's Office of Aeronautics <> on several aerospace-related meetings within the state.

Tom Durkin gave formal slide presentations on SDSGC to: 1) 12th Annual Ground-Water Quality Conference sponsored by the SD Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) in Pierre, SD, 2) South Dakota Airports Conference sponsored by the SD DOT's Office of Aeronautics in Mitchell, SD, and 3) Leadership Rapid City.

SDSGC Director and Deputy Director were successful in bringing in the following seven new educational affiliates to the Consortium in 2000:

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