NASA and Space Grant "Educational Opportunities"
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(NASA Education Updates from NASA's Earth Science Enterprise)
This page last updated on July 15, 2014


  Start with a little Humor! "Kids & Science" Clown Image - wpeD.jpg (5875 bytes)

  NASA's Next Giant Leap (to Mars) and "45th Anniversary" of Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

      NASA's tribute to "40th Anniversary" of all 12 "manned" Apollo missionsClick for Apollo 11 images and

  It's All About Science Festival: June 14, 2014 at Sanford Research Center, Sioux Falls, SD - Supported by SD Space Grant.  Flyer.

  Kelly Lane Earth and Space Science Grant - This $5,000 grant provided by the SD Space Grant Consortium will be awarded annually to a select science or math teacher in SD to recognize and support outstanding teachers and innovative educational programs at the pre-college level. 

  Dan Swets Robotics Materials Award - This $5,000 - $10,000 award is provided annually to select South Dakota teachers/educators of U.S. citizenship who have taken robotics training through the SDSGC, or who have sustained robotics programs in their classrooms or at their schools.

 Comet ISON

 Institute for STEM Education Enhancement at SDSU

  NASA Exploration Design Challenge: Charting Your Journey to Mars - Click here for "one-page flyer"
  NASA Recommends Discontinuation of Student Rocket Activity

  "Humans in Space" Youth Art Competition

  South Dakota Robotics Association

  Summer Educational Programs for YOUTH at SDSM&T

  Aerospace Career Education (ACE) Camp: Held at SDSU for high school students who want to find out first hand about aerospace, aviation, and related careers. 

  Davis-Bahcall Scholars Program - A summer program supported in part by SD Space Grant where Davis-Bahcall Scholars spend one week digging deep into the science and engineering at the Sanford Underground Laboratory, based in Lead, SD and three weeks studying modern physics at Princeton University in New Jersey under world-renowned scholars and researchers.  They also travel to research laboratories at home and possibly in Europe (funding permitting) to experience the world of modern scientific research.  For high school seniors or college freshmen at time of application.  College credit is offered. 

  SD Space Days

  WISH: Women in STEM High School Aerospace Scholars

  NASA Explorer Schools


  NASA Robotics

  Solar System Ambassador Program.  
Click here for info on SD's Ambassador Fernando Nino

  Solar System Educators Program

  Hubble Space Telescope website
       Hubble's "New Views of the Universe"

  Take an Interactive Tour of NASA's First 50 Years  

  Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Awards combine education, innovation and entrepreneurship by challenging high school students to design products using science and technology.

  Earthshots - Earthshots introduces remote sensing by showing examples of how environmental changes look from space.

  NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge

  NASA Science

  Mars Exploration Rover Mission website

  Amazing Space - This website promote the science and majestic beauty of the universe for use in the classroom.

  Presentations such as "Mars Mania" and Images of Space from the Hubble Space Telescope to K-12 and general public audiences may be requested by contacting Tom Durkin.  Educational programs will be granted based on staff availability.

  Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

  Powers of 10 - View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude and enter then enter the microscopic world!

  Annual Space Settlement Contest (NASA Ames Research Center) 

  Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)

  The Space Place

  Planet Quest: "The Search for Another Earth"

  SkyJinks - Provides an exciting and interactive opportunity to learn about weather.

  Virtual Skies - Explore the exciting worlds of aviation technology and air traffic management

  Tri-State Astronomical Society - Sioux Falls, SD

  Sally Ride's "Imaginary Lines" Program

  Natural Hazards Data


  SEDS - Students for the Exploration & Development of Space

  NASA Kids

  Windows to the Universe

  Space Weather

  Web Weather for Kids

  Summer S'COOL at NASA Langley Research Center

  Basics of Space Flight

  "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" (SETI) Institute Homepage

  TerraFly - Virtually "fly" over the entire U.S.  Enter your zip code or street address and find your home!

  The "GLOBE" Program (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment)

  Sky & Telescope

  NASA Quest - is one of the LTP Internet sites that features interactive projects that allow students and teachers the opportunity to communicate with NASA scientists and researchers and experience the excitement of science as it is happening.

  Earth from Space - Earth photos acquired by astronauts aboard NASA Space Shuttle. Over 315,000 images!
      More "Earth Photo" Websites: 1) Earth Observatory, 2) Visible Earth, and 3) Earth Science 'Picture of the Day'

  Nighttime Satellite Image of Earth

  Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center

  Astronomical Society of the Pacific - Books, posters, classroom aides, gifts, globes, slides, videotapes, software, etc.

  The Nine (8) Planets - A multimedia Tour of the Solar System

  NASA's Planetary Photojournal

  Great Images in NASA (GRIN) - A library of NASA images that can be browsed by subject and downloaded.

  Moon Phases - Understanding the moon phases.  Moon phases calendar.

  Space Story - "Space Story" is the official web-site of Astronaut Story Musgrave to share his experiences as an astronaut, marine, surgeon, scientist and literary critic.

  The Sun

  SOHO (Solar & Heliospheric Observatory) - Exploring the Sun

  Black Hills Astronomical Society

  The Lessons Plans Page - Home to over 4,000 free lesson plans - making teaching easier!

  South Dakota Science Teachers Assoc.

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