Overview of SD Space Grant Consortium

Was established March 1, 1991 by a NASA Capability Enhancement Grant.  The National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program was founded by the Congress of the United States of America via the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Act.  Click here for 1) 2018 NASA Strategic Plan, 2) NASA Education Implementation Plan (2015-2017), and 3) NASA Education Strategic Coordination Framework (2007).

There are 52 Space Grant Consortia across the country.  NASA distinguishes between "designated" and "non-designated" states.  South Dakota is a non-designated, capability enhancement state.  Designated states receive higher funding from NASA, but the disparity between the two has been reduced in recent years.

SD Space Grant "At a Glance"

Provides $240,000 or more annually in graduate and undergraduate student fellowship/scholarship stipends

Provides $110,000 or more annually in competitive "Project Innovation Grant" funds to Consortium affiliates in the areas of research infrastructure, higher education, and precollege education.  The objective of these grants is to provide seed funding for meritorious projects that align with NASA and SD Space Grant Consortium goals and which show potential to develop into long-term, sustainable programs. 
           - 2021-22 Project Innovation Grant (PIG) Application Guidelines
           - List of 56 Project Innovation Grants from 2006-2020

Past Student Success Stories - SD Space Grant


Provides annual teacher awards: Kelly Lane Earth & Space Science Grant and Dan Swets Robotics Materials Award


National Space Grant Program Highlights (2019)

SDSGC Strategic Plan 2019

Establishes links between higher education, government, and industry in South Dakota

Develops earth systems science and aerospace infrastructure in South Dakota

SD NASA EPSCoR "Research Summary" for 2011

Conducts informal education for precollege teachers and students

Sponsors annual South Dakota Space Days/Badlands Astronomy Festival (archive from 1998 through the present)

Meets semi-annually with affiliates <SD Space Grant Consortium Meeting Agendas> and monthly teleconferences with Management Team

Sponsors StarDate on SD Public Radio (Interviews & Presentations on SD Public Broadcasting by SD Space Grant's Tom Durkin)

SD NASA EPSCoR "At a Glance"