Fellowship/Scholarship Stipend Information (Click here for Fellowship Flyer)

Goal of SD Space Grant Consortium Fellowship/Scholarship Program: To administer a fellowship/scholarship program that offers educational and research opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds who are pursuing degrees in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) that align with NASA’s mission and those of SDSGC members and affiliates.

Objectives of the program include encouraging under-represented students such as Native Americans and women in STEM-related educational and research fields.  The program offers hands-on, tangible research experiences to student fellowship awardees at NASA Centers, EROS, and industry which will develop skills that contribute to the future workforce.  All students who receive significant fellowship or scholarship assistance from SD Space Grant will be longitudinally tracked through first employment or beginning of advanced degrees.

SD Space Grant Consortium Student Stipend Program

Summer/Fall 2024 & Spring 2025 semesters: Application & Instructions

Educational stipend application instructions

Research stipend application instructions

Internship stipend application instructions (for internships at NASA Centers and aerospace industry)

Optional videos explaining the three types of stipends and how to apply:

 Detailed video* (35 min) or short version* (~8 min)


  (35-minute detailed version)         (8-minute abbreviated version)     (1-min student overview)
*Note: The longer, more detailed video on the left was recorded for the 2021 fellowship program year. The shorter version in the middle was recorded for 2023 and touches only on the basics of the awards. Other than the dates mentioned, all the content in both versions applies to the 2024 program year. The 1-minute video on the right is a short student overview of how they used their stipends to intern at a local museum.



SD Space Grant "Research Experience for Teachers" (RET) Application/Instructions for Summer 2024  (to be posted here in December 2023)

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